The One Ancient Skin Healer Everybody Should Have On Hand

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From bruises, burns and achy joints, to diaper rash and acne, this centuries-old cure-all – has you covered.

Do you have recurring nightmares? Mine involves my awkward, pimply teenaged self frantically wandering the halls of my old high school looking for a classroom that I simply cannot find. Is it possible that my 36-year-old self still hasn’t coped with the trauma of those awkward, acne filled days? Possibly.

It was a bit like deja vu when my daughter came to me feeling self-conscious about some very minor bumps on her forehead. Luckily this time, I knew just what to grab – bentonite clay. A few clay masks later, and the bumps were all but gone! Oh how I wish I would have known about this stuff 20 years ago!

What is Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing aid for everything from stings, scrapes and nausea, to burns and acne. Many primitive tribes would carry a ball of hydrated clay with them in their packs to dissolve and use internally for various ailments like food poisoning and dysentery, and externally for cuts and infections. Rich in minerals, bentonite clay has draws toxins to itself; its powerful drawing ability makes for an effective healing aid that can be used in a variety of applications, both internally and externally.

What's My Favorite Bentonite Clay? Use This!

Redmond clay is my favorite bentonite clay product. It comes from a rare natural clay deposit in Redmond, Utah. It is a white sodium mineral-rich bentonite clay that has been used medicinally in the community for hundreds of years.

Here Are the Best Uses for Redmond Clay

There are literally hundreds of uses for Redmond clay, but one of my favorite applications is a redmond clay face mask. Redmond Clay is one of the best skin care products out there for healing acne, reducing large pores, clearing blackheads and rejuvenating dull skin.

Here's What You'll Need:

Simply combine about a tablespoon of Redmond clay with a tablespoon of water and mix until smooth (you can add more water as you go to get to your desired consistency). I avoid using any metal tools when mixing my clay because the clay will draw from the metal. I’ve found a small silicone whisk does a great job of mixing the clay to a smooth consistency.

Apply the clay to your face and let it sit until just before it’s dry – about 10 minutes. Don’t leave the mask on too long – it’s powerful drawing ability can irritate the delicate skin on your face if you let it dry completely.

I like to use a nice serum after I remove my clay mask. My favorite is the Blue Oasis Repair Serum from Real Oil – it utilizes blue tansy and other essential oils to help tone, tighten and smooth the skin. Adding an all natural serum, like Blue Repair Serum, post-face mask is the best skin care routine I’ve found for problem skin.

If you’re unsure how often to use your Redmond clay mask, I’d start with once a week and adjust from there. If you’re using Redmond clay for acne, you can try using it twice a week. You can also mix a small amount of the mask and use it as a DIY acne spot treatment on any difficult blemishes or patches of blackheads.

Clay Mask Add-ins - Customize to Meet All of Your Skin's Needs

Redmond clay is a great natural skincare base that allows you to create a customized mask that will meet your specific skin needs. You can add your favorite essential oils – frankincense, tea tree, and lavender oils are some of my skin go-tos. If you’re dealing with extra oily skin, add some apple cider vinegar. For extra rejuvenation, add some turmeric, honey, or rosewater. If you’re using ingredients on your skin for the first time, it is wise to test a small patch of skin to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions.

A Few More Uses for Redmond Clay:

With its powerful healing properties and multiple uses, Redmond clay is a product that everyone should keep on hand in their medicine cabinets and first aid kits. Leave a comment below and let us know if you’ve tried bentonite clay and what your favorite uses are!

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