My Top All Natural Migraine Relief Remedies

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Migraines. They’re more than just a bad headache. Migraines can often be debilitating and can profoundly impact a sufferer’s quality of life. Along with a painful throbbing headache, migraines can cause nausea and vomiting, vision problems, tingling sensations in arms and legs, congestion and more.

When you’re suffering with migraines, it’s easy to feel helpless. But there is hope. There are some great natural remedies available for migraine headaches. Utilizing migraine prevention techniques, along with remedies to relieve migraines naturally, you can reduce the severity and frequency of your migraine headaches and regain quality of life. Let’s start at the heart of the matter.

Why Do We Get Migraines?

A migraine is a serious, complex condition of the nervous system. More women than men suffer from migraines. Imbalances in brain chemicals, like serotonin may contribute to migraine headaches. Multiple triggers can cause a migraine. Some of the more common triggers include:



Food Additives

Bright or Flickering Lights


Lack of Sleep

Now that we know a little bit about why we get migraines, lets explore some natural migraine prevention methods.

Why Do We Get Migraines?

Prevention is key in managing debilitating migraines. When we work to eliminate triggers, we can avoid migraines completely, or significantly reduce the severity of our migraines.
One product I love for improved sleep and natural migraine prevention is this Healthy Brain Linen Spray from Migra Freeze. It is a wonderful lavender hydrosol spray that I use on my bed before sleep and even spray on my skin when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. The spray creates a calm, peaceful ambiance to facilitate restful sleep and stress reduction.
Other great migraine prevention methods that I’ve found helpful are:

Staying hydrated

Regular Exercise

Healthy, Whole Food Diet

Avoiding Dietary Migraine Triggers

Mindfulness Practice


Even when we do everything we can to prevent migraines, unfortunately sometimes they still find a way to creep in. It is crucial to utilize natural remedies to treat migraine headaches as soon as we feel them coming on.

Why Do We Get Migraines?

When I feel a migraine headache coming on, I want to get rid of it quickly and naturally. Essential oils are my go-to for getting rid of migraine headaches naturally and effectively. Essential oils serve as great migraine treatments because they treat the headache trigger, getting to the root of the problem, rather than temporarily minimizing the pain. My favorite product is this Migraine Soother Roll-on. It is a powerful blend of the best oils for migraine headaches. I simply apply it to my temples, forehead and neck, and gently massage. The oils work quickly and can be reapplied as needed.

Other natural migraine treatments I’ve found helpful are chewing on ginger root, and the old go-to – a cold compress. Once we’ve come out on the other side of a migraine headache, it’s important to give ourselves the chance to fully recover.

Why Do We Get Migraines?

Recovery time post-migraine is an important step in self-care. Rehydrating, resting and easing back into our daily routine is ideal. I know that life is busy and sometimes it’s difficult to find time to recover from a migraine. I’ve found this After Migraine Energy Boost to be very helpful as I’m rejoining the land of the living. It’s a natural blend of essential oils that facilitate recovery and provide the energy needed to feel human again.

Migraines can be debilitating and truly impact quality of life and relationships. Thankfully, we don’t have to suffer alone and without relief. The Migra Freeze  migraine relief line is the best natural remedy I’ve found to treat migraines at the root, and without any uncomfortable side effects.

Do you have any go-to natural migraine remedies? Let us know in the comments.

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