Boosting Hair and Scalp with Remarkable Natural Solutions

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Rosemary on your veggies? Yum! Lavender in your sock drawer? Sure. But what about putting these powerful botanicals onto your scalp and hair? Herbs like Rosemary and Thyme, and aromatics such as Lavender and Cedarwood actually work powerfully on the skin and hair to keep it naturally healthy, thick, and looking at its best. Natural moisturizers like argan oil can add to the natural shine and beauty of your look without adding manufactured chemicals or perfumes.

Typical shampoo products get your hair clean, but adding natural products to the mix gives you an advantage that nourishes, balances, and improves the look of your hair for the long term. There are powerful answers found in essential oils, and nutrient-rich conditioning oils to help you achieve natural balance.

Essential Oils for Hair

The strength of these essential oils come from their natural power to improve the look and fullness of hair, soothe irritated skin and support circulation in the scalp. They work to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and even decrease feelings of irritation. Additionally, Moroccan argan oil is a powerful natural conditioner high in omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids.

Here are some simple combinations that are a great starting point:

Rosemary + Thyme are natural hair restoratives. They soothe irritations, and can actually increase the fullness and health of your hair.

Lavender + Cedarwood are great for more sensitive skin and will help with dandruff and itchiness.

You can also combine all four of these oils to create a great blend for hair health or conditions like alopecia!

So, how can you enjoy the benefits of these natural tools? Here are a few ways to begin … your ultimate application is going to depend on preference and the needs of your body. Try any of these methods one to two times per week to begin, then use them more often when you’ve become more comfortable with the process and exposure.

Massage Directly into Your Scalp

Place two drops of Rosemary essential oil, three drops of Lavender, and a small amount of carrier oil (coconut oil works especially well) into a shallow dish. Blend well.

Using your fingertips, massage evenly into your scalp before a bath or shower. Leave for at least 30 minutes … or cover with a soft cap and leave overnight.

In the morning, wash as normal, and rinse thoroughly. Remember that essential oils are too potent to be applied directly to the skin … always dilute them first in a carrier oil.

Argan oil is amazing as a daily nourishing oil to apply to dry, damaged hair. I add a couple of drops of my favorite essential oil to this to help scent it (but you don’t have to), and run a small amount through either towel dried hair or dry hair, to give it a nice shine!

Mix with a Shampoo Base

Use a neutral (unscented) shampoo base as a vehicle to get daily exposure to essential oil for your scalp. Add four-five drops of essential oil per ounce of shampoo and blend well before using.

Or put a dollop in your hand and add essential oil as you go … rubbing your hands together briefly to blend before applying to your scalp. This second method allows you to switch up your nourishment combination daily.

Create the Ultimate Head Blend

For deep conditioning, add a couple of drops of argan oil to any conditioning lotion of your choice (based in coconut, olive, jojoba, sweet almond or sesame oil) and immediately reap all the benefits of this therapeutic natural oil. Use a small amount before bedtime across your scalp and wash thoroughly in the morning.

Blending Cedarwood with Lavender essential oil may not be immediately intuitive, but the result is an engaging scent combination and an effective treatment to ease scalp discomfort, promote hair growth, and get your hair naturally clean and all-day beautiful. Be willing to experiment with different combinations to discover the best synergy for your hair.

Consider also alternating your essential oil treatment with a thorough mist of rosewater for natural hydration and shine. Natural Rosewater makes hair more manageable, smoother and healthier. The natural properties of rosewater can also help reduce dandruff and increase scalp circulation to promote hair growth.

When using essential oils in shampoo form, try to avoid getting the residual suds in your eyes. If it does happen, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Likewise, be careful not to apply too much essential oil as it may irritate the skin – causing discomfort. It’s always a good idea to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil or other product before applying it.

My Recommendations:

Check out the easy-to-use and reliable Real Oil company for their remarkable selection of best-quality essential oils including Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, and Cedarwood. Try Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for a reliable, natural, and quality product. There are several great brands of Coconut Oil for hair … we especially like Palmers for their quality and convenience. The best Argan oil can be found at Organix.

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